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Annual Tax Return.

Assuming that you received income in 2022, you are obliged to lodge Polish annual tax return for 2022. Tax return depends on the kind of income earned during a year. The deadline for submission of tax return is the end of April , but it is better to consider earlier action.

Although preparation of your return may look easy, it would be better to prepare it with the proper care on details. Any mistake may lead to potential problems or even fines.


Do not waste your time and address your case to a professional tax advisor. Tax consultant has sufficient expert knowledge that allows preparing tax return professionally. We stay ready to help you with all your questions and tax matters.

We will prepare your annual tax return on a relevant form without mistakes so that you save your valuable time.

Standard cases we handle via phone or e-mail, the meeting may not be necessary.

We prefer to discuss in person all more complicated cases. We then finalize tax forms after mutual agreement. 

In the case of foreign individuals,  we prepare annual reconciliation after a detailed analysis of the situation.

Annual Tax Return is prepared by professional tax advisor who is listed on the list of expert advisors kept by the Ministry of Finance. We have individual civil liability insurance. (OC).

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.